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Contact Robert Burnett  Robert Burnett ex: 46871 Teacher
Contact Teresa Casey  Teresa Casey Teacher
Contact Kyle Decker  Kyle Decker Teacher
Contact Randy Flores  Randy Flores Teacher
Contact Michael Glover  Michael Glover ex: 46808 Teacher
Contact Josephine (Josie) Izzi  Josephine (Josie) Izzi Teacher
Contact Laura Kaibel  Laura Kaibel Teacher
Contact Edward Lujan  Edward Lujan ex: 46834 Teacher
Contact Anthony Martinez  Anthony Martinez Teacher
Contact Melinda Martinez  Melinda Martinez Teacher
Contact Amber Pohl  Amber Pohl Teacher
Contact Holly Rubio  Holly Rubio Teacher
Contact Pamela Sandoval  Pamela Sandoval Teacher
Contact Avalon Traub  Avalon Traub Teacher
Contact Marisol Uyarra-casaus  Marisol Uyarra-casaus Teacher
Contact Patricia Valdez-Pohl  Patricia Valdez-Pohl Teacher
Contact Gloria Zuber  Gloria Zuber Teacher
Educational Assistants
Contact Carlos Alirez  Carlos Alirez Educational Assistant
Contact Mark Chavez  Mark Chavez Educational Assistant
Contact Donna Dickson  Donna Dickson Educational Assistant
Contact Adriana Reyes  Adriana Reyes Staff
Contact David Vicuna  David Vicuna Educational Assistant
Community Support Liaisons
Contact Don Abeyta  Don Abeyta Community Support Liaison
Contact Lawrence Apodaca  Lawrence Apodaca Community Support Liaison
Contact Marsh Astolfi  Marsh Astolfi Community Support Liaison
Contact Donna Bachicha  Donna Bachicha ex: 46862 Community Support Liaison
Contact Tammy Davis  Tammy Davis Project SEARCH Job Coach, UNMH
Contact Michael deTimmerman  Michael deTimmerman ex: 46860 Community Support Liaison
Contact Mark Flores  Mark Flores Community Support Liaison
Contact George Fresquez  George Fresquez ex: 46862 Community Support Liaison
Contact David Gage  David Gage Project SEARCH Job Coach, Embassy Suites
Contact Carmelina Gwilt-Romero  Carmelina Gwilt-Romero ex: 46861 Community Support Liaison
Contact Santana Hernandez  Santana Hernandez ex: 46841 Community Support Liaison
Contact Roberto Lujan  Roberto Lujan ex: 46862 Community Support Liaison
Contact Kevin Phillips  Kevin Phillips Community Support Liaison

1100 Cardenas Dr. SE
Albuquerque, NM 87108

Phone: (505) 872-6800

Health Office - ext 46816

Special Ed. Head Teacher - ext 46803

District Resource Teacher - ext 46818

Social Worker - ext 46831

Administration and All Other Departments - ext 46801

Contact Karen Krall  Karen Krall (505) 872-6800 ex: x46804 Principal of Community Based Transition Services
Head Teacher
Contact Pamela Sandoval  Pamela Sandoval Teacher
Support Staff
Contact Angela Gamiz  Angela Gamiz ex: 46816 Nurse
Contact Jennifer Nuanez  Jennifer Nuanez Social Worker
Contact Dina Van Dyke  Dina Van Dyke (505) 872-6800 ex: 46810 Community Based Transition Specialist Liaison
Contact Andrea Duran  Andrea Duran Community Support Liaison